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Juices & blenders

Plain old fruit juice out of a bottle doesn’t appeal to today’s sophisticated tastes. Artificial flavors are out and customers are demanding the real deal. Often times there is a food fad that catches on and becomes a big hit with consumers and foodservice patrons. Once in a while one of these fads stays around […]

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Juicers at crossroads

Abstract: Juice extractors are a small category in the US electric kitchen appliance business, and there are approximately only half a dozen brand names which are recognized. Unit sales of juice extractors are usually low, although the profit margins are excellent. Retail sales of juice extractors in 1996 were at $123 mil. and were at […]

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Win a Sqweez citrus juicer

Win a Sqweez citrus juicer Enter this month’s competition for your chance to cash in on the rapidly growing market for fresh juice – the winner will receive a [pounds sterling]1,995 SQ2 commercial citrus juicer from British manufacturer Sqweez We live in an image-conscious age, and that attitude permeates all aspects of living, embracing the […]

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