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Prep Counters & Tables

One of the most important lines of kitchen equipment, yet one of the most overlooked, is preparation tables and counters. That’s where most of the prep work gets done, and its design can make a big difference in the speed and efficiency of the kitchen staff. There are three main types of preparation tables and […]

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Griddles and grills

Knowing what type of equipment the customer is referring to will determine which type to use in food preparation. For salesmen just starting in the equipment business, there’s confusion on the terms “griddle” and “grill.” Rightly so, for the two terms, originally used for totally different types of cooking equipment, have now been merged into […]

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Kitchen Bazaar revises expansion plans, but stays focused on kitchen equipment WASHINGTON (FNS)–While some may say 13 is an unlucky number, it is an indication of good fortune for Kitchen Bazaar, a 26-year-old Rockville, Md.-based culinary retailer that opened its 13th store this month. Although they have revised more aggressive expansion plans, company executives said […]

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Operator’s demands speed up pace of change in kitchen equipment

Operators’ demands speed up pace of change in kitchen equipment Equipment is getting stronger and more efficient as restaurateurs make their kitchens more sophisticated Commercial cooking equipment is one place where the pace of advances tends to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. But recently the pace of evolution has speeded up, spurred by operator concerns […]

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Vulcan-Hart’s kitchen equipment unit modernizes

LOUISVILLE–The Vulcan-Hart Corp.’s kitchen equipment operations here are housed in a rambling complex, part of which was built by Civil War veterans. Next door is a new streamlined corporate office building, indicative of continuing progress at the division. Last year, for instance, saw the completion of a plant expansion, reorganization of the facility for better […]

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Strange business: how kitchen equipment is sold

One of the hardest things to explain to someone new to the restaurant business is the way foodservice equipment is sold and serviced. Imagine that you want to purchase a new van to expand your catering and delivery business. You go to your local car dealer, but there are no vans on display, just literature. […]

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