How To Clean Masticating Juicer

Juicing more and more popular today, thanks to a lot of reports, researches, videos that all talking about how unhealthy what you eat now. Wake up, move to your kitchen, prepare all the fruits and vegetables, put all those produce into your juicer, get a cup of juice and enjoy it with the liquids, nutrients and its freshness in the morning.

All sounds good till your cup is empty and you facing a juicer need to clean.

How To Clean Masticating Juicer

It is not simple like those words “Easy to clean” on some juicer advertising articles. Maybe just disassemble the juicer, put those parts in the sink, shake it with water and it will clean than ever. Well, for the senior user, these steps will get them less than 3 minutes, but for the beginner, it could be tough and make them not to juice the second time.

Realize there is no small note about cleaning it the right way, we are very pleased to give some instruction.

Steps right in order to clean a juicer after juicing:

1st step: Unplug your juicer

Safety first, the small leak could lead to a deadly electric shook and you have to unplug it anyway.

2nd step: Make it “First in Last out”

Take the plunger and juice container out and clean it. The easiest clean section on every juicer.

For the Centrifuge Juicer, pull back the Latch Arm and remove the Cover, hold it upside down to clean it easier. Then the Juicing Bowl which contains the Juicing Screen as well. Juicing Screen is the hardest part because the small produce might stick in a small hole, not like other parts, you can clean it with water alone, the Screen requires a Cleaning Brush in order to make it truly clean. The last thing is Pulp Bowl, all you need to do is throw the pulp into a trash bin and wash it with water or lined on the bottom a plastic bags before juicing.

For the Vertical Masticating Juicer, you can remove the whole juice attachment which contains all part need to clean. Disassemble the Hopper, the Auger, the Screen Cleaner or Whipping Blade with the Strainer or Juicing Screen which as the centrifugal juicer it needs a Cleaning Brush to clean. Watch out for Pulp Ejection Flap in the bottom of the Bowl, if you are not pushed it into the hole nearby, you will the juice leak out. Because of the pulp and juice container are separate with the juicer, you could clean them after the plunger.

For the Horizontal Masticating Juicer, the juice and pulp containers should be cleaned first with the plunger. Next is the Drum Cap Adjuster, Drum Cap, Juicing Screen – need to brush it both in and outside cause if you leave the pulp in the hole, it will create a bad smell, prevent the juice come out in your next juicing. The final but not least is the auger which is no hard to clean. The last thing is Drum, make sure you brush it both in and outside.

3rd step: Let all those parts dry or set them on a towel.

4th step: Reassemble the juicer and put it back its place on your kitchen.

Small tips:

You can run a lemon before clean you juicer for deodorant and killing bacteria.

You should clean your juicer after juicing and not let it dry. If you find it hard or too much, fill the sink and add dish soap it could make your job easier.

Juicing is a great way to make sure you have a healthy body to sever you in your daily activities. Start juicing is a big step on the healthy journey, let not cleaning stuff is the barrier to your happy experiment.

We hope you get what you about to do conveniently and enjoy it.

How To Clean Masticating Juicer
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