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Why Should You Choose A Best Masticating Juicer?

Masticating Juicer – The Best Investment For Your Healthy Life – Why Should You Choose A Best Basticating Juicer?
As they said, “A healthy person has many wishes, but the sick person has only one”. We are all got sick sometimes when you sick, you can just lay down on your bed and do nothing but wait for another care or worst – take a pill then stay…. alone. But we can lower the rate or avoid it by maintain your body healthy.

Our body needs a lot of nutrients for daily activities. We usually take it through daily diet, but mostly we just take it to fulfill our hungry feeling, not what our body truly needs. thus, we keep eating and keep getting more chance to have the disease like overweight, cancer, diabetes, gout, … The Sources to get those nutrients are Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Legumes, Nuts and Lean Proteins. Nowadays, we usually focus on fast foods, soft drinks and disregard Fruits and Vegetable. You can buy a vitamin tablet or a bottle of juice, but it’s not fresh and natural as the fruits and vegetable itself.



So, What Can A Masticating Juicer Help?

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Many of us do not have habits that eating fruits or vegetables frequently or we just don’t want to.
That’s what a masticating juicer can help.
It turns eating into drinking. It’s really a good solution for patients who can’t eat much by turns fresh fruits and vegetable into juice. And extremely good for people who need to boost their immune system or cancer patients.
If it’s hard to drink, you can add some favorite flavors for a better taste or show your mixing ability with different fruits and vegetables.
If you tired of produce from the animal, you can try a vegetarian diet.
In addition, most of antioxidants and carbohydrates are found in Fruits and Vegetables, and some anti-cancer substances like Sulforaphane, Phenethyl Isothiocyanate, and Indol-33 carbinol in cabbage or Enzyme P4D1 and acid abscisic (ABA) in wheatgrass.

How Does It Work?
Simple, it extracts all the juice from Fruits and Vegetables.
Masticating juicer uses a single auger to slice produce into smaller pieces and compact it that create a force to crush those piece and squeezing out its juice while the pulp is expelled through another outlet.
Work under 100 rpm makes the process of Masticating Juicer slower than other juicers. Thus, you will get more juice (average 10-15% more) and your nutrients, enzymes, and minerals are not exposed to the heat as the faster process juicer does.
In addition, low rpm create less foam and make your juice last longer cause the juice less contact with oxygen.
Some of them are able to make sorbets, butters, ice cream, baby foods, pates, and sauces.
The best point of this machine is very quiet and you will not wake your family, roommate or sick people up.
What type of design that suits you?
Of course, everything in the world has its own reason to exist. And so does Masticating Juicer.
There are three main type: Vertical Auger, Horizontal Single Auger, and Twin Gear. For each type has its own design for specific products that suits your juicing with different pros and cons.

Type 1: Vertical Auger Juicer
Vertical Auger Juicer has the small footprint. It’s the perfect choice for a small area kitchen.
The vertical design gives this type of self-feed ability. For some fruits and vegetables (carrot, apple or cucumber,…), you just put it into the chute then watch the auger along with screen suck it down and squeeze it.
You will never need to worry about the pulp clog up while juicing and a drip-free cap is great for mixing a variety type of juices plus prevents oxidation. It works great with fruits and hard veggies but not so good with leafy greens, so you need pre-cut the leafy greens before you start.
It has a wide chute that helps you easy to feed and less pre-cut than the other juicers.

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Type 2: Horizontal Single Auger Juicer
Horizontal Single Auger Juicer works similarly to the Vertical auger juicer except for the placement of the auger which is horizontal.
The chute size of this type usually small, so you need to pre-cut the fruits and vegetables before you juicing.
When you feed produce into the chute, the auger work along with the screen to slice down and compact produce then squeeze it. It can handle almost everything from leafy greens to hard fruits and veggies. You can make butters, frozen desserts or grill coffee beans with this type. And it’s very quiet.
With horizontal design, you will feed the produce to the side of the auger that make you need using the pusher a lot to push produce into the groove of drill.

Type 3: Twin Gear Juicer
If you feels one auger is not enough, so how about a double?
Vertical Auger Juicer or Twin Gear Juicer likes The Horizontal Auger Juicer with a double auger but not that big, you can call it two litter miniature gears. One gear run in the clockwise direction, the other in the opposite clockwise direction. Two gears grinds together that make you more juice and a slightly higher quality.
This type works better with hard produce like bean, frozen fuits (frozen strawberry, frozen banana..), coffee and spices but will struggle with softer fruits like pineapple and orange or leafy greens. The struggle is that you nearly need to push the produce everytime you feed the chute.
The screen design make it sometime hard to clean all the pulp remain.
The particular example for the words “Quality comes with price”.
Remember, it need fiber to work good.
In our oppinions, Vertical Auger Juicer is the champion of all masticating juicer.

Maybe, we carry the lazy of eating Fruits and Vegetables since we were a child, but now, when we grow up, we all know what is the best for our life. With all information you has now, I hope you have a wise investment cause what you gain may bigger than you can imagine.

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Why Should You Choose A Best Masticating Juicer?
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